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Darjinc is a one-stop shop for all things Darjeeling!


Darjinc is a one of a kind homegrown startup that consolidates local products - food & beverages, handicrafts & stationery, modern apparel - as well as services, under one umbrella. 


Backed by the latest technology, we provide local artisans and businesses an opportunity to sell online. 


JHOLA: Our home delivery service for groceries and more in Darjeeling | ORDER NOW 


DEN: Want to sell through Darjinc and JHOLA? Got other business ideas? Connect with us and more creators from Darjeeling by becoming a member of Darjeeling Entrepreneurs Network 


PATRONS PROGRAMME: Help us build Darjinc through your contribution in cash, kind and voluntary services. Become our patron!


SEWA PROGRAMME: Giving back to Darjeeling with social initiatives and insightful events in collaboration with and by supporting local organizations working on cultural, social and environmental conservation of the Hills

DARJINC DIARIES: Our town and its stories in our blog on Darjeeling 


  1. Create an online platform where manufacturers and sellers from Darjeeling; and consumers from anywhere in the world alike may utilize the goods and services offered; and participate in the digital economy.


  1. To preserve the singular arts, crafts and traditions that are unique to Darjeeling and promote it globally.

  2. To use technology in building a replicable self-sustaining ecosystem in Darjeeling Hills.


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