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Darjeeling Edit-a-thon: Literary Personalities

Kewal Chandra Lama


Kewal Chandra Lama, a renowned literary figure of 21st Nepali Literature was born on 22nd of November 1967 at Pending, a small hamlet located in Kalamlong district.He did his primary eduction from Harsingh Primary School and W.M.B.A.Primary School. He completed his higher studies from Darjeeling Goverment School. He pursued his further studies in St. Joseph College and completed his BSc. He holds degrees for B.Ed and BT as well.

Apart from his basic studies ,he was interested in literature and was fond of reading novels, poems and criticism. He was a great admirer of Nepali Writers as well as English writers and critics. His favourite writers are Leknath Poudel, Bal Krishna Sam, Ezra Pound and Philip Larkin.

Among the poets who influenced him the most, he includes Maan Prasad Subba, Norzeng Syangden, Avinash Shrestha.


His wife’s name is Benuka Lama and they have a son, Prishand Chandra Lama.


His works mostly deal with social issues, political agendas of modern society and of environmental issues. His works include "Khanda Akhada” and the poems “Kewalaya”, “Akhaehari (Teardrops)” and “Ghar”.

He also worked as a cartoonist in the Nepali daily newspaper "Sunahari".


In his life span he has won major awards for his works such as "Bhai Chandra Smriti Award" and "Nandahari Nagendra Smriti Puruskar".

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