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Darjeeling Edit-a-thon: Literary Personalities

C.K Shrestha


Chandra Kishore Shrestha (popularly known as C.K. Shrestha) is a well-known dramatist, social worker, social thinker, political analyst, journalist, theatre activist, film scriptwriter, lyricist and a community motivator from Darjeeling.


He has written and directed numerous plays in Nepalisuch as Ani Bhaleymungro Runcha (1980), Salaam Relimai, and Aina Ma Herda Ramsaili. His work, Ani Bhaley Mungro Runcha is a social satire that was staged for 11 years in different parts of India. He is the group leader of the theatre troupe Bhadrey ko Toli Natya Samuha. He has been the protagonist of the ‘theater for social change’ and a follower of the 'fourth theatre'. His fourth theatre play, Aina Ma Herda Ramsailee was staged more than 500 times in different parts of India.

He has also written a book, the “Gorkhas' Quest for Indian Identity”on the issue of the identity crisis faced by Indian Gorkhas. As a journalist, C.K. Shrestha has edited and published a number of daily newspapers, weeklies, journals and periodicals.

As a journalist, his main contributions include Sunchari Samachar (daily), Aba Samvad Patra(daily), Aadhar (monthly), Himali Bela (weekly) and Milekhutti (monthly magazine). He has also authored several books like Darjeelingey Bhanu Jayantiko Naknik, Narad Uvanch, Hamro Love Story, Mujhe Rang De Tiranga Chola Mai, Bharatma Gorkha Haruko Rashtriya Chihnari Sankat, and Banmara, to name a few.

The founder of Gorkha Bharati Bichar Manch, he is also a former president of the Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh.


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