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Darjeeling Edit-a-thon: Literary Personalities

Dr Jas Yonzon Pyasi


Dr. Jas Yonzon Pyasi born in the Queen of Hills in December, 1949 is a Nepali poet and great lyricist and is famous especially for novels . He has received the Sahitya Academic Puruskar (award) for his famous work" Santhi Sandhyia" (Collection of poetry). He is a great literary figure of Nepali Literature and has also worked in the academic field as a lecturer.


His works include Chitthi (Letters), a novel written in 1978, "Naya Surya ko Pratiksha ma "(Waiting for a New Sun, 1992), "Ewta Desh ko Khoj ma"(Discovery of new country, 1985),"Shanti Sandhaya" (2002), the collection of poetry for which he won the Sahitya Academic Puruskar, "Bharatiya Nepali Geetkar Pariayachak" (2014).


He has also numerous awards for his works such as "Diyalo Puruskar "(1973),"Srashta Puruskar" (1987), "Akashavani Nalayalekhan Puruskar" (1989), "Arugi Puruskar" (1990), Sahitya Akadami Puruskar " (2004), Bhanubhakta Puruskar" (1998), "Madan Smarak Byakhyan Smman" ( 1996), "Kamal Puruskar" (1999) and "Ramlal Adhikari Puruskar" ( 2007).

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