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Top 5 Cafes You Need To Visit in Darjeeling

Updated: Apr 29

Relax with a cuppa in the Queen of Hills! With the mushrooming of quaint cafes, a day can be well spent in these five amazing cafes in Darjeeling. Tea or a coffee person? Or are you an all out foodie? These cafes, run by mostly young entrepreneurs, offer a variety of drinks and snacks to satiate all your cravings. Plus the gorgeous views of the mountains are of course the added bonus!

Himalayan Coffee, Near Chowrasta

With its sleek, modern aesthetics and the free wifi, the cafe serves as a great spot to meet people. All this over a great cup of brews from their own coffee range, some of the best brownies and a mean breakfast of waffles, pancakes, sandwiches and more.

SuzAm’s Cafe N Kitchen, Singamari

It is an Instragrammer’s dream cafe with its kitsch corners, cozy vibe and a wonderful view of the Kanchenjunga range. Go for their Hot Chocolate and Hazelnut Latte if the weather is a bit misty or try their mocktails like Guava Twist as a quick refresher on sunny days. The food ranges from breakfast staples like waffles to the cafe’s rendition of the popular street food chicken chowmein, all at affordable prices.

Nerdvana, Toong Soong

Nerdvana was at the forefront of the cafe culture in Darjeeling with its tasty brews and a mix of modern day elements in a cozy setup a bit away from the crowd yet close to Chowrasta. The cafe has grown stronger and expanded into a two-floor plus terrace setup and continues to serve its loyal patrons its best sellers like hot chocolate with marshmallow, Americano and Irish coffee made from their own coffee beans.

Be on the lookout for slam poetry, live music and other events where the talent of the vibrant youth of Darjeeling is on display. The cafe also sells books, paintings, handmade soaps and other knick knacks made by local artists.

Machhan, Near Club Stand

With an ambience and set-up that can give big city cafes a run for their money, Machan is a popular hub for especially the youth in Darjeeling.

Often a venue for live music performances, the spacious cafe has a variety of scrumptious food and refreshing drinks to satisfy your cravings. Their latest is a range of takeaway bite-sized drinks that range from cold coffee to blueberry frappes.

Paddy’s Cafe, Zomtsa, Near Chowrasta

A cozy setting with an extended balcony seating area, the cafe can offer some solitude if you want to curl up with a book or just spend the day observing the hustle bustle of people in the street below. So go grab a cup of coffee with their delicious cheesecake.

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