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Top 5 Getaways in Darjeeling for an Offbeat Travel Experience

Travelling has taken on a new meaning since 2020. Travelling locally, sustainably, exploring areas in your own beautiful country and state is the route to follow even this year. Darjeeling with its scenic beauty, tradition of hospitality and new age entrepreneurs has spruced up the travel game to offer something different for every traveller. We have lined up some wonderful resorts and homestays that you can definitely check out. Be it a weekend with friends, some quiet solo travelling or an extended staycation, here’s a list of offbeat stays you shouldn’t miss if Darjeeling is on your travel list.

Moonbeam Farmstay, Gorubathan

Moonbeam Farmstay is an Ancestral Home run by the Lepchas, known as the first tribe to inhabit the Darjeeling hills. With a focus on sustainability and farming and preserving age-old Lepcha traditions, the remote farmstay comes with a plethora of activities that guests can enjoy including a cultural performance.

So get geared up to get down and dusty if you opt for organic farming or maybe tea processing is something you wish to experience. Nature lovers can opt for bird watching or a hike in the forest. For those seeking some quality time with loved ones, a bonfire, barbeque and even relishing the local alcoholic brew tongba are some of the options.

The farmstay also takes in volunteers for a minimum of seven nights with only food being charged at 500 per night.

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TIEEDI Forest Garden, Gorabari

An abode in the forests of Darjeeling, Tieedi makes for a charming and unique stay for anyone looking to connect with nature. It offers a variety of stays that suits every budget with its Earthy Dwelling, Air Dwelling, Herb Garden Dwelling and Backpacker Hostel. Farm fresh meals

The Earth Dwelling is a handcrafted abode in Tieedi’s forest garden made by the local artisans using local resources by applying the regenerative principles of permaculture. The usual comforts that a city hotel affords blends seamlessly into a traditional hut setup.

A guest can expect to co-exist with nature at this serene, offbeat stay. Fram fresh meals, the sights and sounds of mother nature with a gurgling stream, lush vegetation and plenty of birds to chirp your blues away and more is what Tieedi offers.

Workshops for yoga, carpentry, painting and others are also organised at the stay. They have a volunteer programme where for less than a fortnight 750 per day is charged.

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Tathagata Farm, Dawaipani

In a rural village in a scenic part of Darjeeling, the Tathagata Farm offers a comfortable stay to relax and unwind with its accommodations in cottage and tent. With organic food, a chance to rediscover nature through various activities and a swimming pool to relax in, the stay combines the best of nature and modern day amenities.

Guests can opt for short walks, treks, nature walks, tea garden visits and also take on mountain biking as an activity around the place.

Farm to table dining experiences, tea picking, yoga workshops, momo making, barbeques and much more awaits you at this one-of-a-kind stay.

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Birdsong Home, Mirik

The scenic Birdsong Home in Mirik is an ideal choice for travellers looking for the best of nature and a luxurious way to relax. The hosts often organize retreats for Yoga, writing and art.

With three serviced apartments, each of varying sizes and equipped with a kitchen and living room and a spacious area for relaxation outside the homestay, book now for a relaxing retreat. Unwind in the lap of mountains for your next postcard perfect vacation.

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Khushi’s Farm, Pokhriabong

A popular retreat for staycations, get-togethers and weekend trips, Khushi’s Farm is among the pioneers in kickstarting the wave of new age and offbeat stays in Darjeeling. Get close to nature while enjoying the local cuisine and relaxing in the private swimming pool.

A bonfire with friends, a quick getaway from the hustle bustle of the city, guests can also enjoy several other activities at this getaway spot.

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