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My name is Rinchen Tamang aka RIKO, and I am a music artist based in Darjeeling, India.

I have been doing music since 2013 and my first single 'Sano Sansar' can be found on Spotify & Youtube. My latest work was with Shenpenn Khymsar in the feature film 'Broken Wings', where I have sung three songs - 'tum saath ho', 'there she goes' and 'timro mero'. The film will be released soon. 

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The Story of 'Awaaz'

The song was inspired by what I saw around me - the misgivings that people have about people who identify as a member of the LGBT Community. Especially here in Darjeeling, people are generally shy to speak of things like this. I started doing research on the topic and learnt that a lot of what is said about the community are based on unfound fears that people have. Fortunately for me, it was during this period of search that I learnt about a programme taking place in Southfield College about Queer issues in Darjeeling Hills, organised by Indreniling. As I witnessed the possibility of creating a safe space for people of all genders and orientation, about how it could be achieved through simple acts of talking about it in our own individual capacities, I felt it was my artistic responsibility to make people aware through my music.

I have been very lucky that I have the support of bonafide talented individuals, who have worked very hard to produce this song.


Thank you to:

Uzzwal Sewa on guitar
Sailu Rasaily on guitars
Jygme Dorjee on bass
Anuj Pradhan on drums
Chandan Tamang (Mall Road Studios) the man behind shaping this song.

I am currently preparing to shoot a music video, for which I have written the lyrics as well. The song is inspired from real life incidents of discrimination that my friends from the LGBT Community have faced. I hope this small step will leave long lasting impact in terms of raising awareness,  acceptance and inclusion of all kinds of queer identities.


The video team on board, in capacity of consultation or execution, for the project are:
Palzor Yolmo
Chandan Tamang

I will be doing an online busking with the @darjinc handle on instagram, starting April 2nd 2022, to raise funds for a music video I want to shoot for the song I have written and composed, and turned into audio reality by the aforementioned amazing group of people. So follow to stay updated.

Do support my humble attempt to spread love and acceptance of queer identities in Darjeeling Hills by clicking on the donate button below.

I am trying to reach a goal of ₹6350.

I MIGHT also be offline busking at Chourasta starting April 2 to 12, 2022. So if you're in Darjeeling do drop by...

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Thank you for reaching out. I will contact you at the earliest.

This campaign has been prepared by Team Darjinc under the Sewa Programme 2022.

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